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Kawsar Koodaruth., CEO & Founder

Kenyan Nature

Our Story

Kaswar Life Choices, born out of a deep love for nature, found its purpose in the heart of Kenya. We ventured to this beautiful land with a mission: to provide the world with wholesale access to the finest oils and bee products that nature has to offer. Our passion for preserving the beauty of Kenya’s natural treasures is at the core of our existence. We invite you to join us in celebrating the richness of our planet through our premium products. Welcome to Kaswar Life Choices, where nature’s love is delivered wholesale.

Why Choose us?

We source and deliver only the highest quality oils and bee products, meticulously chosen for their purity and authenticity. Kaswar Life Choices is a name you can trust for integrity, reliability, and excellence. Join us on a journey to embrace the wonders of nature through our exceptional offerings.


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